There was an “Endless Summer” feel to the music at CBC Vancouver this afternoon. This was partly due to beautiful weather, but most due to the surfer vibe provided by The Velveteins. The three friends, who all hail from Edmonton, have developed a sound that has no doubt been influenced by singer/songwriter Spence Morphy’s adventure whilst travelling in Australia.

Spencer decided to leave the vagabonding, backpacker lifestyle behind to head home to Canada and form a band. Fast forward three years, and the Velveteins have some extensive international touring experience behind them and have established themselves in their own country.

In addition to 50’s rock and roll/60’s surfer feel to songs such as All Night Baby and All I Do, Morphy also showed almost Dylanesque vocals in the track Midnight Surf.  Whilst the band have no plans for a new album yet, they do hope to do more writing towards the end of the summer, and are currently touring their latest album Slow Wave.

You can check out the band again in Victoria this evening and then in White Rock on the 10th August.

To keep up with the band and to hear all the music check out their website:

Photos: Stewart Johnstone