The plaza at the CBC building in Vancouver was rocking this afternoon as Paul Lambert and band were on stage entertaining the noon time crowd. The band played a varied set, and comfortably switched between songs contained had elements of folk, roots and rock music. Whichever genre they were playing they were always entertaining.

In addition to their abilities to switch up their musical styles on the fly, they also showed the ability to do the same with their instruments, with African drums and mandolin included alongside the more traditional drums and guitars.  Speaking of guitars, this band has more than you will see in most shows at Rogers Arena. Paul joked about this, saying they now have a one in – one out policy, either that or the guys will just have to get used to playing on bigger stages, which is something that would be comfortable doing based on today‚Äôs performance.

The band have had some considerable success in the last few months winning several competitions which has enabled them to work on new recording, and they are currently part of the Roxy Launch Project 2017.  This is like an extended battle of the bands, with 20 artists competing through to August 17th, with a finale in October. Paul will be playing at the Roxy Cabaret on July 27th

To find out more about the band, check out the website for more music, tours dates and other news.