Fionn, comprising twin sisters Alanna and Brianne Finn-Morris, gave an outstanding performance at CBC Vancouver today. Listening to them it is hard to believe that the pair only graduated high school this summer. Despite their age, the two have a long history of public performance, having first performed on Granville Island at the tender age of 12. The singer/songwriters have crafted a sound that blends a modern pop feel alongside a more traditional indie folk vibe, perhaps drawing on their Irish roots.
There is something special about band that have two female leads, which always seems to add depth, and Fionn are no exception, whether singing lead, or harmonizing the result is wonderful.  In addition to great singing voices the sisters are also accomplished musicians, playing guitar and mandolin throughout the set.

Fionn are currently working on an album, and hope to have their first single out as early as September.

You can find more about the band at

Photos: Stewart Johnstone