Canadian folk music icon Roy Forbes performed to a packed-out crowd at CBC Vancouver today. A Dawson Creek native, Forbes started his career in the early 70’s in Vancouver. Over the years he has been a stable fixture at folk music festivals across North America, and has also appeared alongside worldwide household names such as Santana and Supertramp.

Not surprisingly in such a long career he has suffered a few setbacks, including losing his sight following an eye injury in 2015.  Like all good performers he has had the fortitude to bounce back, and is so comfortable on stage that anyone who didn’t know what not even realise he is blind.

In a well-deserved show of appreciation, and perhaps a little late, Roy was today inducted into the BC Entertainment Hall of Fame in recognition of his contributions to music.

If you want to catch more of Roy you can find him weekly on CKUA radio on his show Roy’s Record Room, and on CBC TV in the show Outta Dawson on September 23rd.

Please enjoy a few photos from today’s performance.

Photos: Stewart Johnstone