Booker T JONES at the Kay Meek Centre

At a young 73 years of age, Jones is still proving to be a musical innovator, something he has done from a very young age. Recognized as a musical child prodigy, Jones playing the oboe, saxophone, trombone, bass, and piano at school and organ at church.  By the time, he was in high school Jones was already a semi-professional musician, and proved to be the backbone of many events at his school.

Outside of school a paper route which happened to include the Satellite record store proved to be jumping board for his professional career.  It was a career that would start before he was even out of school.  Along with a clerk at the store, Steve Cropper, Al Jackson Jr. and Lewie Steinberg, Jones formed one of the pre-eminent soul bands of the 1960’s The MG’s. While still in high school Jones wrote one of the bands most successful tunes “Green Onions”.



Whilst Jones we proficient in many instruments it was the Hammond Organ that was to become his signature sound, and it is for this that he is still sought after as a musician to this day.

Over a career that has included performance as well as producing Jones has amassed a number of honours from his peers, critics and fans.  A Grammy Lifetime Achievement recipient, he is also a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Musicians Hall of Fame.

On 1 September 2017, age 72, Booker T performed live at the Royal Albert Hall BBC Proms with Jools Holland and his Rhythm & Blues Orchestra in a tribute concert to 50 years of Stax Records alongside Steve Cropper, Sam Moore, William Bell and British artists Beverley Knight, Ruby Turner, James Morrison and Tom Jones.

Booker T Jones is performing at the Grosvenor Theatre at the Kay Meek Centre, West Vancouver on 2nd of February

I was extremely fortunate to live around the corner from a recording studio and to be chosen to have a paper route to make enough money to pay for the music lessons. I was one of the chosen few to have a job and to walk through the curtain at Stax Records was just an amazing thing for me to do at age 14.