diarrhea planet

vogue theatre vancouver

Garage rock band Diarrhea Planet are immediately striking.  Seeing 5 guitars lined up, backed by a drummer is a somehow pleasingly disturbing sight.  You know just from looking at them that this Nashville six piece are going to make some noise.

They did not disappoint at the Vogue tonight playing a hard driving set, alongside with stage theatrics and a bit of crowd diving. Overall they provided a solid performance, picked up some new fans, and warmed the crowd up nicely for The Darkness.

The band, who have graced the stages at SXSW and Bonnaroo comprise of singer/guitarists Jordan Smith, Brent Toler and Emmet Miller, guitarist Evan Bird, Mike Boyle on bass, and the man with sticks in his hands, instead of an axe Ian Bush.

The latest album, Turn to Gold, their third, was largely recorded live, in a space of days rather than months. This really allows listeners to get a feel for the massive sound that these guys can produce live.

More at: http://diarrheaplanet.com/

Or follow them on facebook/twitter/instagram at @DiarrheaPlanet

Photos: Stewart Johnstone