Josh Sahunta, Cassandra Maze and Soapbox Duo

Cafe Deux soleils

Josh Sahunta, Cassandra Maze and Soapbox Duo

A beautiful early summer evening on East Vancouver’s Commercial Drive was the setting for a great and diverse evening of music. Café Deux Soleils was the latest stop on the Before and After Tour, featuring Edmonton’s Josh Sahunta and Soapbox Duo. For tonight they were also joined on the set by Vancouver’s own Cassandra Maze.

Cassandra Maze – Cafe Deux Soleil

Josh Sahunta started the evening, with a set that featured his bluesy voice, and some solid guitar work. Josh, cites his influences as including artists such as John Mayer, The Weeknd and Ed Sheeran, and even broke out an Ed Sheeran cover in his set. The young artist had to put music on the backburner a little following his debut EP “Lights” released in 2013, while he completed his has just finished up his clinical psychology degree. With studying out of the way he is back in the swing with his debut album “Dissonance” released in October 2017.  The title track from the album was one of the highlights of Josh’s performance.

Next up was Cassandra Maze.  A classically trained musician who has been playing keyboards, and guitar since her early teens, Cassandra continues to work at her craft, and is never afraid to experiment with new sounds and approaches. I have seen her three times in the last year, and the sets have ranged from a fresh rock/pop show at the CBC, to a darker, edgier performance at The Roxy, as part of the Launch Project. Tonight, Cassandra was performing solo, but provided a much richer performance than any one person can reasonably expected to. Her creative use of looping on the fly allowed her to replicate her vocals, beats, and other instrumentation resulting in a pleasingly eclectic and absorbing performance.

Closing out the evening were Soap Box Duo, it is hard to believe that Alexander and Jenesa MacMullin have only been professionally performing since late 2015. However, with a jazz school background, and more than 300 live performances under their belt, it is probably not surprising that they are able to put in a performance that is way more polished than such a short career would suggest.

Jenesa’s powerful vocals, complimented by Alexander’s fantastic guitar work make for a compelling sound with songs covering the range from Jazz, through to a cover of Camila Cabello’s Havana.  One of the highlights of the set was the beautiful, heartfelt and emotional track Walls, covering the topic of domestic abuse. Unfortunately, I was not able to see the end of the set, but would strongly encourage anyone to get out and see this talented duo.

Soap Box Duo and Josh Sahunta continue their tour – dates can be found here –

Cassandra Maze will be performing May 3rd at the Roxy – more details at


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