lamb of god

pacific coliseum – vancouver

Slayer’s Farewell World tour rolled into Vancouver on Wednesday night to a sold-out crowd in excess of 17,000. Closing the show out ahead of the headliners were Lamb Of God.

The Richmond, VA natives are one of heavy music’s most successful and uncompromising bands.  When the band’s first major release, New American Gospel, was released in 2000 it was immediately touted as a classic within the genre.

AllMusic stated it best,

“The essential signatures of post-Pantera metal are in abundance on Lamb of God’s inaugural album. New American Gospel provides a mighty oak upon which gritty American metal’s faith is maintained, effectively bridging the ’90s’ insistence upon drill-sergeant technicality and the old school’s determined focus on riff construction.” 

This debut was followed up in 2004 by Ashes of the Wake, and since that time the band have gone from strength to strength, and have now released eight studio albums, one live album, one compilation album and three DVDs. ​

Since inception and through it all, LAMB OF GOD’s consistent and unwavering commitment to their music – and their fans – has kept them a critical and fan favorite worldwide, selling millions of albums and tickets around the world. 

Tonight they had second billing, and played a phenomenal set, giving their fans 10 of the best:

  • Omerta
  • Ruin
  • 512
  • Engage the Fear Machine
  • Walk With Me in Hell
  • Still Echoes
  • As the Palaces Burn
  • Inherit the Earth
  • Laid to Rest
  • Redneck

​LAMB OF GOD is Randy Blythe (vocals), Mark Morton (guitar), Willie Adler (guitar), John Campbell (bass), and Chris Adler (drums).

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Photos: Stewart Johnstone