mother mother

O My Heart 10th Anniversary Tour

It is hard to believe that is has been 10 years since Mother Mother’s second album “O My Heart” was released.  The album delivered big time, managing to easily avoid the dreaded Sophomore Curse. In celebration of the anniversary the band have taken a break from the recording their seventh album to release a Live Sessions EP, and to take a short celebration tour.

After announcing dates in Alberta and Ontario earlier in the month many of which have subsequently sold out, the band announced a show in their hometown, Vancouver, to kick off the tour.

The Imperial was packed with die-hard fans eager to see the band before they head out on the road.

The show was split into two parts – with the first part of the evening dedicated to a run through of the whole “O My Heart” album from start to finish. Although the album contains many fan favourites, such as Body of years, Ghosting, Hayloft, Wrecking Ball and the title track, it was some of the lesser heard tracks that really stood out.

Ryan brought out the acoustic guitar for Try to Change, joking with the crowd that they never play acoustic guitar.  Molly’s vocals on Sleep Awake were great, and closing out the first part of the evening with Heart Heavy felt perfect.

The second part of the set was what Ryan dubbed a “Longcore”, as it almost as long as the first part, featuring many older tracks that have not been played for a while, including Oh Ana, and Verbatim.

In addition to the music, which of course was magnificent the band spent a lot of time chatting with the audience, which gave the show an even more intimate feel.

All in all, a great night out, and the rest of Canada is in for a lot of fun, and a chance to live 10 years in the past, at least for an hour or two.

Your next chance to see Mother Mother in Vancouver will September 9th at the inaugural Skookum Festival in Stanley Park.

Photos: Stewart Johnstone