CBC Outdoor Plaza – Vancouver

Victoria based Fallbrigade made the trip from the island to delight the crowd at the CBC Outdoor Plaza on Wednesday.  The band was originally formed by brother and sister duo Caleb Scott and Esther Jungclaus in 2012 and were later joined by Esther’s husband Matthew Jungclaus.

Their music is hard to categorize, with many of their songs start of slowly and quietly, showcasing either Esther or Caleb’s vocals, and lulling you into a false sense of security before suddenly ramping up the tempo and before you know it you are listening to a full-on rocker.

Whilst many of the tracks, such as Lost at Sea, Wanted Man and These Walls were upbeat, there were also reflective moments, provided by songs like Crimson Red.

The band saw out the afternoon with the hold crowd clapping along to a track called Together Now, which was a great ending to the set.

If you are on the island you can catch the band at The Duke Saloon in Victoria on August 17th.  Follow them on the website at https://www.fallbrigade.com for more shows and links to get hold of their music.


Photos: Stewart Johnstone