jen hodge

Sweet Dreams of New Orleans

For days now, the good people of the city had struggled with the stifling heat, the sun beating down mercilessly during the day, as the humidity built to make the nights sweaty, and sleep impossible. The only thing they had left to cling onto was the promise of the sweet sounds of sultry jazz filling the air as they sought some respite in the noon hour….New Orleans?? No – Vancouver.

Today, our prayers were answered, at least on the Jazz front, if not the heat, as the Jen Hodge All Stars brought their musical skills to the fore at the CBC Outdoor Plaza.

Jen Hodge is a graduate of the Cap U Jazz Studies program and knew from a very young age that she wanted to play bass for a living.  Her passion, and determination have made that dream come true, and she is now an accomplished bass player, and musical arranger, contributing to many other projects as well as leading a band of her own.

Today’s hour of swinging bass, trombone, guitar, sax and clarinet was just what we needed to forget our sweaty weather woes for a while, and image ourselves on the bayou with a cool Sazerac, and some sweet beignets.

Follow Jen at, where you can find details of upcoming gigs, and access to her music with the All Stars and other groups she performs with.

Photos: Stewart Johnstone