portraits of us


CBC Outdoor Plaza – Vancouver

Portraits of Us is a duo from the Fraser Valley, BC comprising married couple Jason and Anna Ratzlaff. Although both have musical backgrounds, they only formed the duo as recently as 2016, although in the brief time since then they have managed to pack a lot in including playing original music with the Chilliwack Symphony Orchestra.

This afternoon, the audience was treated for a “two’fer Tuesday” deal, as the duo split their performance into two distinct sets, each with its own sound.  For the first half an hour the duo performed with drum and upright bass accompaniment.  The set of comprised a broad canvas of melodic numbers, with an obvious theme of young love, with the acoustic guitar providing soft Americana/country elements to the set, and nicely complementing their vocal harmonies.

For the second part of the show we were treated to a performance by the duo’s new project The Crescent Sky, where they were joined by Regan and Anna Luth. With the additional of two more voice, as well as percussion and a violin, this part of the set had a distinctly different feel. The fuller vocals, and additional strings produced and almost Celtic sound at times. For a new project the band gave an incredibly tight performance, and clearly enjoy working together.

If you want to find more about Portraits of Us, you can follow them at their website https://www.portraitsofusduo.com/ . For The Crescent Sky check out https://www.facebook.com/thecrescentsky/

For now, enjoy our images from today’s show:

Photos: Stewart Johnstone