the modern day warriors


Fox Cabaret – Vancouver

The Modern Day Warriors are a talented Vancouver based four piece with a huge passion for playing and performing the music Canadian legends RUSH.  The band comprises Eliot Doyle on drums, and Bradan DeCicco on guitars, Tahnee Juryn on vocals and keyboards, and Karl Wallace-Deering on Bass.

The band have been steadily building a local following since playing the Roxy earlier in the year, when they showcased the whole of Moving Pictures, in addition to a number of other Rush classics

Tonight, the band put on their most ambitious show to date. The Untold Story of Tom.  Using one of Rush’s most successful characters as a background (Tom Sawyer), the show was a creative and engaging way to present a broad selection of songs from the Rush back catalog. 

The performance played out like a prog-rock album of the 70’s with the show broken into books and chapters, each outlining a step on our hero, Tom’s journey to find purpose and happiness. The use of a narrator, with a voice very much like the “Attention all planets of the solar federation” voice in 2112, was a nice touch, to help thread the story together.

The show opened with Working Man and Subdivisions, helping to define our protagonist as a regular guy living a somewhat meaningless life in the suburbs, before setting out on his quest, in, as any Rush would know, a Red Barchetta.

These opening songs were a fantastic showcase of the individual talents of the band, as well as how tightly they play together as a unit. Rush songs are not your standard fare of vocals and lead guitar, backed by drums and bass. In many cases, the bass or drums will be the key component of a song that sets the tone. TMDW certainly take this to heart, and there were certainly no passengers with each member of the group taking the lead and excelling when the songs called for it.

The set covered most of Rush’s 40-year history, with tracks ranging from 1974’s Fly By Night, from the album of the same name, to more modern offerings like Roll the Bones.  Some highlights of the night included the haunting Camera Eye, and Xanadu, as well as Juryn’s soaring vocals on Anthem.

Given the theme of the night, it is no surprise that the band closed out with perennial Rush favourites Tom Sawyer, and some inevitable audience participation on Closer to the Heart.

If you are missing your Rush fix since the band stopped touring, and you want to revel in nostalgia, with a band that clearly loves the music as much as you do, then keep an eye out for The Modern Day Warriors. As many happy fans at the Fox Cabaret will attest, this is probably as close as you are going to get to the real thing. This was the perfect start to the Canada Day weekend.

Modern Day Warriors Website

Photos: Stewart Johnstone