Nothing But Thieves

Vogue Theatre


Nothing But Thieves made a triumphant return to Vancouver on Friday now, playing to a large and enthusiastic crowd, who were ready to see the band return to the city for the third time in as many years.

 Vocalist Conor Mason recalled playing in front of around 300 people in their last visit to the venue a couple of years ago. Off the back of that visit the band packed out the smaller Imperial on their last visit to the city. This time around the Vogue was packed and ready to party with the boys from Southend.

NBT are known for their eclectic sound, and the show opener I Was Just A Kid, from the bands 2nd album, 2017’s Broken Machine, showcased one element of this, with its melody echoing the classic Rebel Yell from Billy Idol. The band have also been compared to Muse, not least because of Mason’s soaring vocals, which were evident on Ban All the Music. The discordant sound of Soda also shares some of the same quirky chord progressions that Vancouver’s own Mother Mother often have in their songs.

However, while the band play subconscious homage to some great acts, they are quickly carving out a name for themselves as evidenced by the bands sell out tours in their homeland, as well as their ever-increasing success in other markets.

The crowd at the Vogue certainly didn’t need an encouragement to get into the spirit of things, and by the time the wonderful I’m Not Made by Design, and Live Like Animals were played the mosh pit was in full swing, and we had had our first crowd surfing of the night.

Alternating between tracks from Broken Machine, and the bands self-titled debut album, the band closed out the night with Itch and Amsterdam.

Based on their performance, and the audience reaction, the next time the band are back in Vancouver the Vogue may not be big enough for them

Check out our photos from the show courtesy of Stewart Johnstone