Five Alarm Funk

Capilano University


They came,
they funked,
they conquered!!.

Check out our images from the Five Alarm Funk show at Capilano University this last weekend.  The band, whose members include some CapU alumni were performing as part of CapFest at the campus, celebrating the University’s 50th anniversary.

The weather did not look like it was going to cooperate, but nothing is going to beat down the raw energy of this band. Even though they were almost literally stepping off the plane after a grueling east coast trip that included some time in New York, FAF once again delivered a full-on show like no other band.

After a few days of well-earned rest, the boys (and Penelope) are off to short tour of BC and Alberta, before dipping their toes south of the border to deliver some funk to the good folks of Oregon and California.

Next up Kelowna on September 28th.

Photos: Stewart Johnstone