Gary Numan

Vogue Theatre


The Vogue Theatre, Vancouver played host to one of the pioneers of electronic music on Monday night, when Gary Numan brought the Second Savage tour to the city.

For the second time in less than a year Gary Numan was back in Vancouver. Having played at the Rickshaw Theatre in November 2017, Numan was returning, this time to the Vogue Theatre, with an experience that was very different, with a bigger stage and more drama.

Following an opening performance by LA band Nightmare Air the audience were nicely warmed up for the main act. After lights down the show started with a dark and moody feel, with pulsating chaotic strobes punching through the gloom. Numan and band then took to the stage garbed in ragged desert themed clothing reflecting the dystopian theme from Numan’s latest outing Savage (Songs from a Broken World). It was more like a dramatic theatrical performance than a straight up concert, with the Numan and Co. pacing deliberately around the stage in felt like cross between Mad Max and the Wild Boys video from Duran Duran – dramatic, fun, and totally in keeping with the industrial sound of the track from the new album.

As can be expected the show contained a good body of work from the latest album, but overall it was a good balance between old and new, which clearly pleased fans of Numan’s broad body of work.  Bed of Thorns, My Name is Ruin and Mercy were standouts from the new, and of course old favourites such as Down in the Park, Cars and are Friends Electric?  Were included in the set. The contrast in styles between the older and newer tracks was stark, and really reflected quite clearly the two distinct periods in Numan’s musical career, from his earlier success with Tubeway Army, and as a solo artist, to his resurgence since the late 90’s with a darker, more introspective sound.

Overall a great experience, and one that Numan takes down into the US, as the tour continues down the west coast.

Check out our images from the show below.

Photos: Stewart Johnstone