Mike and Jules Peters Rock the Canyons – then head to Vancouver October 30th


For the past week The Alarm’s Mike and Jules Peters have been slogging through the canyon lands of North America, all the aid of Love Hope Strength’s Get on the List and cancer care initiatives.

Both Mike and Jules have had personal battles with cancer, and LHS was born out of these struggles, and has been helping cancer victims and their families around the world since 2007.

Since it’s formation the LHSF  has taken many prominent musicians and celebrities, as well a regular people to some of the highest places on earth taking the message of love, hope and strength to those who do not have access to the same medical treatments, care and facilities as experienced by many of us here in the west. Having played concerts and hosted fundraising events on Mt Everest and Mount Kilimanjaro, this time the group headed down rather than up with a hike through the canyons of the South West USA.

Through their efforts they have added more than 170k people to Bone Marrow Donor lists, resulting in more than 3,000 direct, potentially life saving matches.  In addition, they have provided hospitals in Nepal and Tanzania with new equipment. 

After a bit of a rest and a few shows south of the border The Alarm will be rocking the Rickshaw on Tuesday 30th October – with tickets still available so get them now.

We will have a full review and photos form the show early next week, so watch this space.