Within Temptation – Vogue Theatre, Vancouver – March 15th, 2019

Dutch Symphonic Metal icons Within Temptation were in Vancouver on Friday on the latest leg of the Resist Tour. The band, which released the album with the title of the same name earlier in year were in great form, and the audience was more than ready having been warmed up by Swedish metal favourites In Flames, and another act from Sweden, Smash Into Pieces.

Sadly, I was not able to stay for the full set but was grateful to have been able to catch the first half.

The support bands lighting was actually a notch above what we often see in this venue, this was amped up even further for the main act. With the house lights dimmed, and drummer Mike Coolen ringed by a giant circular video screen, the band, except for singer Sharon den Adel, took to the stage and the opening bars of Raise Your Banner filled the air. As the vocal parts kicked in, den Adel strode purposefully onto the stage wearing a white full-length cloak, brandishing a giant flag, like Boadicea leading an army into battle.

In keeping with the Resist theme, Raise your Banner was followed by two more tracks from the latest album, The Reckoning and Endless War. Despite the album only being out for a little over a month, all three songs were well received, which I think is testament to the strength of this latest offering. The Reckoning especially lends itself to audience participation.

Having dispensed of the cloak and flag, the next song up was another crowd pleaser, In the Middle of the Night. From 2011’s The Unforgiving was followed by 2004’s Stand My Ground and a trio of songs from the album The Heart of Everything. I was happy to catch The Cross, as it is my favourite track from this album.  Sadly, this was where we had to part ways.

Check out our gallery of images from the show below courtesy of Stewart Johnstone

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