Beasto Blanco – Chan Centre for the Performing Arts, Vancouver – April 26 2019

Beasto Blanco

Chan Centre for the Performing Arts


Beasto Blanco were in Vancouver on Friday night touring their latest album “We Are” and opening for Halestorm.

After an insane commute home on Friday night I was not looking forward to having to face gridlock to go from one end of Vancouver to the other. As it turned out, the traffic gods were finally on my side. Thankfully I was able to make to the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts all the way out at UBC, just in time to see Beasto Blanco take the stage.  I had no idea what I had walked into, but I knew it was something great right from the start.

This band doesn’t put on a show, they put on a spectacle, and it was awesome from start to finish. A glorious, colourful, circus side show of a performance, where pretty much anything goes.  As the first band on stage their show as way to short, but I am hoping they will make their way back Vancouver very soon for, so I can get the full experience.

Fans in western Canada have a few more opportunities to check out the band with shows in Edmonton, Calgary and Winnipeg, supporting Halestorm.  After this they are headed back to the states to continue the trek, before returning for gigs in Ontario and Quebec in the middle of May.

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Photos: Stewart Johnstone