Sam Roberts Band – Vancouver Folk Music Festival 2019

In keeping with the eclectic vibe of the Vancouver Folk Music Festival, Saturday night closed out a with a real rock show. It would be hard to say that the band won many new fans, as it seemed form the crowd that everyone was a fan already.
Despite the shorter set that generally comes with festival performances, the band packed in a lot of content, and a full sets worth of energy into the show, and the fans lapped it up.
I actually missed the first half dozen or so songs, as a log jam of photographers were waiting to take the turn in front of the stage. However, it wasn’t all bad – a short impromptu conversation with Dwayne Dopsie made up for it . When I finally dig get out gig side it was a blast. The whole band as clearly having a great time lapping up the praise from the Vancouver crowd. When he wasn’t playing guitar, Roberts was flying around the stage getting the crowd all riled up (in a good way), and finally giving in and joining them for the encore while the rest of the band rocked out on stage.
All in all, a great way to end the second day of the festival.
Photos: Stewart Johnstone

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