Old.Soul.rebel, BRDGS, Nuela Charles
and Ria Mae

As part of the Vancouver hosted JUNO’s this weekend, there has been a whole bunch of great music to catch up on with almost 100 artists performing as part of JUNOFest.

I spent last night darting between a couple of venues to grab some images of some of the great acts on offer.

The night at the VENUE was launched by the talented Old.Soul.Rebel, with Chelsea Johnson and Lola Whyte holding nothing back, and really relishing getting the night going. This duo, backed by some solid horns, and percussion have the perfect blend of soul and kick ass rock and roll that leaves you smiling every time you hear them.

(Check out our images from their show at the CBC Plaza earlier in the year)

Next up was energetic electro-pop performer BRDGS, a great young act, originally Steady Brook, Newfoundland and now based out of Toronto. BRDGS is getting established very quickly on the Canadian scene, and tonight’s performance will undoubtedly win over more fans.

Nuela Charles, the first of two JUNO nominees of the evening took the mood in a more soulful direction. The singer who is nominated for the Adult Contemporary Album of the year, used her powerful voice to full effect during a set which showcased her vocal range effectively.

Closing the evening out was Ria Mae, nominated for Pop Album of the Year, Ria is no stranger to the award process having previously been nominated for Single of the Year at the 2016 JUNO’s.

Check out our images below

Photos: Stewart Johnstone