Jack Garton is a multi-instrumentalist and performer backed by the talented Demon Squadron band. His shows take you on a roller-coaster ride of genres and catchy songs that features guitar, brass instruments and even the accordion.


jack garton and the deMon squadron


CBC Outdoor Plaza – Vancouver

Whilst General Jack Garton did not bring the full army of the Demon Squadron on his invasion of Vancouver today, he certainly did bring all the energy and excitement that comes with his unique type of military operation.

Renowned for his unconventional playing style, he can often be seen playing the accordion and the trumpet at the same time, Garton had the lunchtime crowd surrendering to his friendly fire in no time at all. (No more military references, I promise ūüėä).

Garton‚Äôs songs cover a broad spectrum, but most appear to draw from his own experiences, and are often viewed through the lens of his active sense of humour.  Before launching into the aptly titled ‚ÄúSucks At Sports ‚Äú, Garton reminisced about always on in right outfield in t-ball, somewhere where he would not have to touch the ball. The track was one of a number from Garton‚Äôs latest album Love You Over Time, which was released in June.

You can catch Jack Garton and the Demon Squadron later in the summer at the Bella Coola Music Festival, and the ArtsWells festival.

To keep up to date with his music and touring schedule check out https://jackgarton.com/

In the meantime, stand to attention, and eyes-right to our gallery of shots from today’s outing.

Photos: Stewart Johnstone