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This year the Vancouver International Folk Music Festival featured many amazing acts from outside of the Canada. From the US we had the wonderful blues artists Jimmy “Duck “Holmes – the last of the Bentonia bluesmen (check out some images from his recent show at the CBC Plaza), as well as fellow countryman Guy Davis. The was solid representation from Europe with two phenomenal acts from Ireland – Wallis Bird and Mick Flannery. Also from Europe I managed to catch a couple of shows by Ilaria Graziano and Francesco Forni. Perhaps the most flamboyant act was Wazimbo and Banda Kakana from Mozambique, who had the crowd dancing wildly despite the heat.

Check out our photos below, as well as links for more information on these acts:

Photos: Stewart Johnstone


Guy Davis

Jimmy “Duck” Holmes

Mick Flannery

Wallis Bird

Ilaria Graziano and Francesco Forni

Few people dedicate their life to keep an art alive. Jimmy “Duck” Holmes is the last living practitioner of Bentonia blues and the owner of the oldest juke point in Mississippi. His music will tug at your heartstrings. ​
Genre: Blues
In partnership with the Vancouver Folk Music Festival

Jimmy “Duck” Holmes

CBC Outdoor Plaza – Vancouver

The CBC Outdoor Plaza was a mini blues fest this lunchtime with performances from three of the great bluesmen who are going to be playing at this weekend’s Vancouver Folk Music Festival.

The last of the Bentonia bluesmen, Jimmy “Duck” Holmes, owner of the oldest juke joint in Mississippi, the Blue Front Café, was joined on stage by fellow Mississippi resident Robert Connely Farr and Minnesota’s Mike Munson.

Over the course of an hour the trio gave a small sample of what fans of the festival can expect to see over the weekend.

If you want to catch them on the weekend the current times are as follows:

Jimmy “Duck” Holmes – Friday 4pm Stage 4; Saturday 11:10am Stage 5; Sunday 10:15am Stage 4.

Robert Connely Farr – Sunday 10:15am Stage 4.

Mike Munson – Sunday 12:30pm Stage 1.

Photos: Stewart Johnstone