German thrash metal superstars Kreator, brought their power sound to the Vogue Theatre, Vancouver on Wednesday night.  The band, which originally formed in 1982 showed no sign of slowing down anytime soon. They blazed through a set the contained hits from many of their 14 studio albums. Opening with more recent tracks such as Phantom Antichrist and Hail to the Hordes, they soon had the crowd in their hands, and kept them their right through the night, directing the moshing, and pitching one side of the crowd against to the other, there was no let up right through to the encores – Violent Revolution and Pleasure to Kill. Continue reading “Kreator – Vogue Theatre – Vancouver”




VOGUE THEATRE – vancouver

Over the years Swedish power metal band Sabaton have carved out niche for themselves, and have become famous for their songs of war and heroism.  After almost 20 years in the business, founding members Joakim Brodén (vocals) and Pär Sundström (bass) continue to bring their unique blend of storytelling and raw power to a legion of adoring fans.

The band rolled into Vancouver on Valentine’s Day, and did not disappoint. As soon as the opening bars of In the Army Now started up on the PA the audience was ready for action. It was clear from the start of the show when the band hit the stage for Ghost Division that tonight was going to be a whole lotta fun. Continue reading “Sabaton – Vogue Theatre Vancouver”


ziggy marley


The weather gods in Vancouver must have known that Ziggy Marley was in town, and provided some Jamaican heat to make him feel welcome.  It was not only the weather gods that turned out on a Monday night to see the reggae superstar.  The Vogue Theatre played host to an enthusiastic crowd that was ready to dance almost as soon as the band hit the stage, and didn’t stop until the lights came up.

Marley was in town courtesy of Coastal Jazz as one of the headline acts of this years TD International Jazz Festival. It might seem like an unusual choice for a jazz festival, but the Coastal Jazz team played to this seeming contradiction in the introductions, and I think the nature of jazz itself leads it to be different, and not always follow the norms.. Continue reading “Review: Ziggy Marley at the Vogue Theatre”


buckman coe



Last night saw the Vogue Theatre playing host to a couple of great talents as part of the TD International Jazz Festival.  The headliner for the night was Ziggy Marley (review to come later), and supporting Ziggy Marley was BC’s own Buckman Coe.

Coe was the perfect start to a night of musical adventure, that on the surface might have seemed like an unusual choice of genre for the Jazz Fest.  However, the inclusion of an artist whose repertoire covers the gamut of music styles from Soul to Reggae and beyond was an inspired choice. Continue reading “Photo Review: Buckman Coe – Vogue Theatre”