This husband-and-wife duo shares their love with listeners through their music. Fall in love with Winsome Kind as they serenade you with their sweet melodies, flawless harmonies and honest lyrics.


Winsome Kind


CBC Outdoor Plaza – Vancouver

Vancouver natives Scott Perrie and Leora Joy met in 2012 while performing in Saskatchewan, and very quickly realized they were right for each other. Putting this new-found love to the test, they embarked on tour of Canada by rail, performing in venues as diverse as railways stations, people’s homes, as well as more traditional venues. This potentially stressful adventure turned out well, and led to the release of their first album, the self-titled Winsome Kind in the fall of 2014.

Fast forward a few years, and the duo have become regulars on the festival circuit in BC and have a second album, We Call It Home, coming out on August 24th

The band performed a very laid-back set at the CBC Outdoor Plaza on Monday as part of the regular CBC Nooners summer concert series. Playing songs from both albums, the set showcased a distinctly upbeat country vibe, with a couple of rocker, such as Feelin Low (Shake It off) thrown in for good measure. Some highlights for me included the track Above the Clouds, as well as the closing track from their first album, Sunrise.

Scott’s harmonica playing on many of the tracks reminded me of one my favourite artists, Mike Peters from The Alarm, and Leora’s melodica also gave the band some additional uniqueness.

The duo will be appearing at the St. James Hall on September 8th, with the Rogue Folk Club hoisting them for a CD Launch party. I highly recommend heading out there if you can, and picking up the new CD once it is available.

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Photos: Stewart Johnstone