Qristina and Quinn Bachand – CBC Plaza, Vancouver – 12th August, 2019

During today’s show by Qristina and Quinn Bachand, it was mentioned that Qristina and a Degree in infectious diseases. I am not sure if there the band used this to their advantage, as there was certainly something infectious about their performance at the CBC Plaza this lunchtime.

The brother and sister duo, who have been performing together for more than 12 years kicked off the final week of this year’s CBC Musical Nooners in style, and had the audience dancing right to the last song.
Both Qristina and Quinn are trained violinists, but for this performance Quinn switched things up and was outstanding on the guitar. Their performance was a potent mix of Celtic, traditional roots music, folk and jazz and called on pieces from all three of their albums – 2008’s Relative Minors (a pun on their age), 2011’s Family, and 2015’s Little Hinges.
Having grown up in BC, the two are now based on opposite sides of the country, so when the siblings have a chance to get to play together they relish the opportunity.
If you want another chance to catch the duo, they will be touring through BC for the next 10 days. Check out their website for more details of dates, and to get their music.
Qristina and Quinn Bachand can be follows at https://www.qbachand.com/
Enjoy our photos from the show courtesy of Stewart Johnstone

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