Kamelot w/guests Sonata Arctica and Battle Beast – Venue, Vancouver

Tuesday night was another Nordic evening in Vancouver, over the last week we have had Ghost and Amon Amarth in town, and tonight we had the pleasure of another trio with northern connections.
Whilst the Venue, might be a smaller room than the Forum , man of the same people that had been at Amon Amarth a few days ago had recovered their singing voices, and came out to see Kamelot, Sonata Arctica and Battle Beast.

First up for the night were Battle Beast, who were touring their latest album No More Hollywood Endings, and one that has seen their most chart success to date. It is no surprise that their following has continued to grow, not only in their native Finland, but on this side of the Atlantic also.
The band are a lot of fun so see live. Vocalist Noora Louhimo, was decked out liked a wonderful purple Maleficent, and had boundless energy, Unsurprisingly she had the crowd in her hand right from the first song, Unbroken. The band blasted though a set of upbeat metal and took time out to speak with audience and show their sense of humour.

Next up were fellow countrymen, Sonata Arctica. The power metal five-piece had their latest album Talviyö (Winter Night) released at the beginning of September. They took the opportunity to let the audience hear the songs live for the first time with almost half their set coming from the album. The set also included several songs from their previous outing The Ninth Hour, including the audience participation favourite Life (“vodka!!”). It was touching to hear Tony Kakko genuinely thank the audience for coming out and supporting live music in the middle of the week, as it is what allows the bands to keep on touring.

Headliners for the night, Kamelot managed to squeeze as much stage set as they could into what is a relatively small venue, with drummer Alex Landenburg almost up in the rafters. It was great for photos though, as with no pit, and a packed crowd it was hard to find space to shoot without blocking people’s views.
The set began as it meant to go on, with lots of power drumming, and strong vocals. Opening with Phantom Devine ( Shadow Empire ) from the latest album The Shadow Theory, the songs featured Lauren Hart of Once Human on guest vocals. It was one of a couple of songs that she would feature on in the evening.
The band went back to Ghost Opera, with the Song Rule the World, before returning to new music with Insomnia and Verspertine (My Crimson Bride).
Veil of Elysium saw Lauren Hart return for more vocal duties, which was followed by an entertaining keyboard/drum performance from Oliver Palotai and Alex Landenburg. We were then treated to Tommy Karevik singing a duet with Battle beast’s Noora Louhimo, backed by Hart.
The band closed out the evening with fan favourite Liar Liar sending everyone home happy, and probably eager for the next blast of Nordic metal ( there will not long to wait as Sabaton will be here in a couple of weeks )
Photos: Stewart Johnstone

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