Vancouver’s Two Car Train Is Ready To Derail The Indie Music Scene With ‘The Door’


Two Car Train has released their debut single ‘The Door’off the upcoming debut album ‘Off The Rails’. Check out the single at the link further down, it is well worth the listen.

The Western hard soul experience is ecstatic to be able to share the music they have been working on feverishly since 2017. They explain that it is both new and innovative while holding on to familiar elements. They expand:

“The album will be well received because it’s unlike anything out there right now, yet, it has a familiar vibe that harkens back to the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s that takes the listener on a musical journey through which they can relate in a way that can’t be put into words.”


‘The Door’is based on the indie film of the same name. In the movie, the protagonist has an affair with his neighbour. While that is happening, his daughter drowns in the pool. He discovers a way to go back in time and murders his old self. This grim tale is echoed in an indie rock manner by Two Car Train.

Two Car Train is comprised of musicians who amongst them, have extensive history performing and recording, which sets the album in a strategic position to be accessible and appeal to a wide variety of listeners with a penchant for the rock and indie markets.

The album is expected out March 2020 with a second single ‘Away’ to be released in February.

Listen to the single on YouTube:

You will have a chance to catch the band at The Roxy, Vancouver on March 14th.

For more info:


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