Black Pistol Fire – PNE Forum, Vancouver

Vancouver’s PNE Forum is not always the most forgiving venue from a sound perspective. It is a cavernous space with concrete bleaches, and not always the best acoustics.

Performing as a support act with only two members of the band should be downright terrifying.

Black Pistol Fire took it head on and owned the place.

The Canadian duo, who now call Austin Texas home have a sound that was way bigger than its parts and their energy and musicianship did not give the crowd a chance to rest for their entire set.

Kevin McKeown’s screaming guitars where matched only by his acrobatic antics on stage and were ably balanced by drummer Eric Owen’s manic pace, and frenetic stickwork.

The band blazed through a relatively short set, as openers for The Glorious Sons, and no doubt won new hearts along the way. My personal favourite of the night – Speak of the Devil.

It was my first time seeing the, but I can’t wait to get to see them on a longer set next time.

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