ACTORS – New Album – Acts of Worship – October 1st 2021

Vancouver’s own ACTORS are set to release Acts of Worship on October 1st, and today release the latest track from the album Cold Eyes.

This is a pulsating track is best consumed via your favourite set of headphones, so lie back and enjoy the ride. The perfect blend of hypnotic keyboards, guitars and harmonic vocals.

Check out the track at the band’s Bandcamp page

Acts of Worship come three years after It Will Come to You, which brought the band to the forefront as one of Vancouver’s top talents.. The album takes inspiration from such greats as David Bowie, Roxy Music, and Duran Duran..

Corbett “It’s about embracing who you are and having the confidence to do what you feel and not be afraid, I made the first ACTORS album without caring about who would hear it. I think people can feel honesty in music whether they realize it or not. The new album is exactly where I wanted to go with ACTORS. It expands on the last album lyrically and sonically. It’s the next step of our journey.”

The album was produced at Corbett’s Jacknife Studio in Vancouver.

The album sees the debut of new bassist Kendall Wooding and Corbett notes that the current lineup, completed by synth player Shannon Hemmett and drummer Adam Fink


1) Love U More
2) Like Suicide
3) Cold Eyes
4) Obsession
5) Death from Above
6) Killing Time (Is Over)
7) Only Lonely
8) Strangers
9) End of the World
10) Once More with Feeling

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