Fallujah 5th album “Empyrean” out today. Tour will stop in Vancouver

Bay Area Tech Death Metal band Fallujah release their fifth album today. Empyrean is a first outing for the new line up.

Songwriter/guitarist Scott Carstairs and compeer/drummer Andrew Baird enlisted Archaeologist’s Kyle Schaefer and Evan Brewer (formerly Entheos/The Faceless) as their new vocalist and bassist, respectively.

Fans of the band will be able to catch them at the Rickshaw Theatre on October 10th, as they headline with Psycrotic, with Interloper and Cognitive providing support.

Technicians at heart but looking for old flames, Fallujah rediscovered their muse on Empyrean.

“After such an experimental expression [with Undying Light], we sat down to write Empyrean completely refreshed and inspired,” reveals Carstairs. “It was like the musical tension of the last decade had been released, and we were ready to achieve goals the band had originally set out for. Empyrean is truly a return to form because we are doing what comes naturally to us, but with an intensity that we haven’t achieved in the past. We set out to create something that represents the band and its history in its purest form while also pushing our technical abilities further than we have ever gone.”

The band welcome the return of long-time producer Mark Lewis (Whitechapel, Cannibal Corpse) on Empyrean. Under Lewis’s expert sonic tutelage, the quartet advanced on the production milestones that benefitted Undying Light (2019), walking away with an album that sounds incredible at high velocity (“The Bitter Taste of Clarity,” “Soulbreaker”) and when it carries sentimental heft (“Into the Eventide,” “Celestial Resonance”). Fallujah and Lewis recorded Empyrean at MRL Studios in Nashville, Tennessee, over six months. The full-spectrum endeavor was then mixed and mastered by Lewis in seven weeks. The studio sessions weren’t without sacrifice, however. Fallujah worked their tails off to make Empyrean the remarkable reality that it is.

“It was certainly long and arduous,” Carstairs exhales. “Everyone involved had the mindset that it had to be our best work, and because of that, we were incredibly meticulous and hard on ourselves. We were united in our goal and embraced the brutality of committing to it.”

“From the beginning of this writing process and until the end, we painstakingly made sure every aspect of this record would blow away our listeners,” states Carstairs. “We meticulously scrutinized every riff and note choice. There has never been this much effort put into a Fallujah record as we did with Empyrean, and the result is a truly monstrous record that we believe is the band’s best work by a significant margin. We showed you restraint on the last record. Now, let us show you what happens when we leave it all on the table.”

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