Canadian rockers ANCIENT TEETH release their debut album, Deathbed today via Locust Hail Productions!

The quartet consists of Adrian Mottram (Sights & Sounds, Seas, The Getaway), guitarist Chris Hughes (Moneen, Seas), bassist Jahmeel Russell (Red Vienna, ACTORS, KEN mode), and drummer Mike Duffield (Beams, Flowers From Hell).

Listen to the singles and album HERE!

Adrian Mottram comments on the release of Deathbed, “with this album the group aimed to inspire positivity and light against all the ever-growing darkness in the world. I was put on this earth to play live and want to share that.”

The anthemic, guitar-driven debut album Deathbed is an incredible display of musical maturity weaving through a tasteful blend of grunge, shoegaze and straight-ahead rock. Washed-out, emotion-heavy, layered vocals delve into vast depths of poignant introspection on the joys of new birth, the devastating loss of a family member, missed opportunities and gained perspectives. Through age and experience, Mottram has been able to eloquently refine his thoughts into a tangible collection of meaningful songs.


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